ATTORNEY Sheldon J. Eskin from the LAW OFFICES OF SHELDON J. ESKIN "Voice of the Blues". Friday 7pm. "ARN is a great place. If this is what you want, this is the place to work and learn your craft." KCLAFM - Since 1989

DOCTOR KIUMARS LALEZARZADEH Ph.D. Consulting, Counseling, Science, Research, Education. "Q' Ministry of AIWP." Sunday 2PM "ARN allows my program to educate, public outreach and as Ministry for the population to awaken mentally and spiritually." KLAS FM - Since 2002.

To all skeptics: The American Radio Network is not a SCAM.

Our Company has been in business since 1968. We produce many radio shows on all types of radio stations; including internet only radio stations, cable radio stations and over the airwaves Federal Communications Commission licensed radio stations that could be heard in your FM and AM radio installed in your car while you drive around in Los Angeles California and other major cities in the United States of America. Some of our radio shows now also stream on cell phones.

Unfortunately, most derogatory comments about our company come from applicants who are completely misinformed about our company and or the broadcasting business. Most of these people walk out of our meetings prematurely having heard only about 5 minutes of the subject matter or simply do not want to adhere to company policy.

COMING SOON; testimonials from our many happy radio announcers who have interviewed celebrities and participated in many media events.

Some of our announcers are Doctors, Attorneys, Students, Business Professionals and ordinary people.

We have many announcers who produce shows as independent producers and some who work for our company as paid radio announcers. Some work for us as Studio Directors, some as engineers and some as video and audio editors.

Contrary to what some people believe, our company does hire and pay a salary to radio announcers, studio directors, engineers, editors, receptionists, managers etc. Click here to see a list of people who are currently working for us or who have worked for us in the past: ARN Employees.

Be sure to sign up for a live interview in our TV studio or on one of our radio stations so that we can discuss live on the air why you think our company is a SCAM. To sign up for a live interview, simply email us your name and phone number to this link: Contact Us We will be recording the live interview and then playing it through this website. Together, lets get to the truth and clear up all of these misconceptions about our company.

GERRY GARNER. "Gerry Garner Entertainment File." Sunday 10am. "ARN offered me a large audience of people who love the arts. Great opportunity to interview biggest names in entertainment." Since 1989

RUBEN MALDONADO. "My Ears Are Burning LA." Saturday 1:30pm. "ARN has given me the freedom to produce my own show." KLAS FM - since 2008.

ELISA JUSTICE. "Eclectic Classics." Saturday 1pm. "ARN has given me the opportunity to acquire and master my skills and as an added bonus, I love the people at ARN." KLAS FM - Since 2008.

COLE M. STRUM. Soul Cole with "What's Really Good." Friday 2-4pm. PT "ARN has given me the opportunity to Executive Produce and Host my own show to the News & Truest of Independent Music." KCLA FM Since 2005.

DONNA HARDEN. "The Vibrn With Dee Cee." Sunday 2:30-4 PM "ARN allows me to be creative & bring new things. Also, to be an independent producer & internet radio personality." KCLAFM - Since 2001.
























































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